4G Marketing Madness

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By now, you might have heard a bit about the issues Apple has been having in Australia over the marketing of the iPad 3, and it’s ability to connect to 4G networks. Apple had claimed in Australian advertisements that the new iPad would be able to connect to 4G networks and take advantage of the fast data speeds. However, the mobile carrier in the country is not offering 4G with the iPad 3. Many consumers were agitated that Apple was marketing the iPad 3 as a 4G device, when there was no 4G capability available in Australia.

In response to customer dissatisfaction and some court action, Apple changed their marketing documents to remove all mentions of 4G connectivity. But now, Apple has gone even another step further, offering refunds to customers who feel deceived by their advertising. Seeing the effect in Australia, consumers in many other countries are following the trend – Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have all seen many complaints about false 4G marketing, as 4G is only offered in the US and Canada.

The iPad 3 seems to be getting a bit of a bad rap so far, not only with these complaints of misleading advertising, but also coming under fire with Consumer Reports claiming the iPad gets too warm, and others insisting that the battery doesn’t charge probably. However, these things appear not to be affecting sales so far, and Apple has been very on top of any issues that have arisen – always nice to see their quality customer support.


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