How to Activate your iPhone with No Cellular Service

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Many people who buy their iPhones are looking to unlock them to use with other networks, such as T-Mobile. Many know how to jailbreak and unlock, but are not sure as to how to activate the phone first, as without tthis the phone is useless.


Any generation iPhone

A deactivated AT@T SIM Card (Usually one cent. Amazon is your friend)

A computer with iTunes

A dock connector (30 pin to USB)


First, once you power on your iPhone, you will see the Connect to iTunes screen. Then plug the iPhone into your computer.

Secondly, iTunes should come up. It will recognize a new iPhone. Make sure your deactivated SIM card is in. It will ask you to activate it.

Thirdly, it will tell you to activate the phone. Press restore, and it will begin the process. When it is finished you will have an activated iPhone. Then, you can choose a jailbreak method of your choice (my preference is redsn0w). Once the phone is jailbroken, you can use ultrasn0w in Cydia to unlock.

This is very easy, and is very simple and straight forward. Remember, you HAVE to have to deactivated SIM card or this method will not work. If the SIM card is activated you could receive data charges which is obviously not good. You can also use other methods but I find this the easiest and cheapest method to jailbreaking and unlocking your new iPhone. This method will also work on any generation iPhone on any firmware on iTunes. Also, once the phone is activated it will say “No Service” at the top. Once your phone is unlocked through Cydia it will work, and you can conveniently change the carrier to say T-Mobile.

Do you guys have any other solutions? Also, what do you guys think of my articles? I would love to hear your feedback, negative or positive.


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  1. Kevin b says:

    That didn’t help me at all I have got a iPhone with a different sim to what it came from but to use the Internet it sais I need to be connected to a cellular service and I have no idea what that is?

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