AirVideoEnabler: Enables AirPlay for 3rd Party Apps

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One of the major features that comes with the iOS 4.2 update is AirPlay.  You’re probably already familiar with the feature if you have updated and have an Apple TV.

Airplay lets you stream pictures and video wirelessly to your Apple TV, so that you can view video or pictures on your big screen, from apps like your native “Videos”.

Using AirPlay is pretty easy; it’s just a simple tap, however there is one small downside to Airplay. AirPlay can only be used on a few of the built-in (native) apps, such as the “Photos” and “YouTube” apps, streaming videos from most third party apps isn’t supported, at least not yet.

That leads us to another reason why a user should jailbreak his or her iPad or iPhone. A Cydia developer hosted with BigBoss invented a hack called AirVideoEnabler, which enables streaming of video over AirPlay for other apps like “Safari” as well as from third party apps such as the app store’s “Downloads” or Cydia’s many video players like “American Dad Mobile”.

The hack is available free of charge on Cydia, and is painfully simple to install. Here’s what you do:

  1. First your device must be jailbroken (obviously) and running iOS 4.2 or higher.
  2. Launch “Cydia”
  3. Hit Search and type in “AirVideoEnabler”
  4. Select the package
  5. Tap “install”, then click “confirm”.
  6. Once its finished downloading, hit “restart springboard”.
  7. Enjoy using AirPlay on more of your favorite apps!

If you have any questions, or trouble getting this “hack to work, drop us a line and we’ll do what we can to help.

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