Amazing iPhone Sales All Around

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I bet a lot of you might have heard – iPhone 4S’s are flying off the shelves. Apple announced a few days ago that they had already sold over four million units. That’s in less than a week – pretty impressive. 

It’s really impressive when you consider the tons of iPhone 4 users who swore they weren’t going to upgrade. I think it’s safe to say that a healthy percent of them have. The iPhone 4S is currently out of stock at every carrier – sold out in about 24 hours, in fact. If you’re wanting to buy a new 4S, you’re looking at a 1-2 week wait just for it to ship. Not only that, but the iPhone 4S is sold out in virtually every retail store there is – the only chance you stand at getting one there is by reserving it online.

Not only are the iPhone 4S sales numbers very impressive, but so are iPhone 3GS. It may seem odd at first – why would anyone want an iPhone that’s over two years old? Well, the answer of course is the price tag. Why would you pay $200+ ($300+ for 4G) for an Android phone when you could get a comparable iPhone for free?

iPhones are in short supply now, with both the 3GS and 4S completely sold out in most places. If you’d like to get your hands on an iPhone, good luck! Your best bet is to settle for an iPhone 4 (for those who don’t need Siri or a fancy camera) or wait roughly two weeks for the 4S supplies to free up – that’s what I’m doing, in fact. Have interesting stories about experiences with ordering an iPhone? Leave them in the comments!



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