App Review: Angry Birds Space

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Many of you have heard about the latest addition to the Angry Birds line, Angry Birds Space. After Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio, the series might seem a little worn out to you. The question is – is this latest Angry Birds worth the download, or is it just more of the same old thing?

Angry Birds Space is a lot like the Angry Birds we all know and love, with one killer twist – rather than sitting on the ground, your slingshot rests on a meteor or planet, and must be shot through space to destroy your classic enemies, the pigs. The trick is that now you have to deal with the forces of gravity as well. You generally shoot from one planet through space to destroy pigs in the traditional manner, except that the pigs are on a separate planet. Once your bird enters the planet’s atmosphere, gravity takes effect, sometimes swinging your bird around the planet several times before finally knocking over a structure. It adds a completely new element to Angry Birds that hasn’t been seen before.

Angry Birds also brings back some old birds, while adding some new ones. It has a bird that accelerates when tapped, a bird that splits into three, and a bird that can change direction in mid-air, to name a few. It also brings back the summonable eagles, however this time the eagle will explode into a black hole on command, another new feature. Apart from that, everything remains the same – similar strategy and point system that you know and love from the old Angry Birds.

This game is one that would have had a lot of potential a year ago, before there wasn’t quite so much Angry Birds everywhere – with the movie, stuffed animal spinoffs, and legions of different games in the App Store. However, it’s still a solid game, and one that I could easily recommend to someone. It’s not a must-have, but if you’re looking for a fun game and don’t feel overdosed on Angry Birds yet, it’s definitely worth your time to check it out.


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