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Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of all the news going on throughout the world. Sure, you can always flip on your TV and turn to your local news station – that’s great for news in your state, or here in the US. But you’re really missing out on the news around the rest of the world. How often do you hear about Libya’s financial troubles, or a super-accurate atomic clock in the UK? BBC News is a good way around that.

BBC News allows you to see the major headlines from around the world – sure, it’s based in Britain, but it doesn’t just focus on news there, it collects from around the world. When you open the app, you’re greeted with different categories, each with three headlines and pictures underneath. The categories from top to bottom are Top Stories, US & Canada, Technology, Features & Analysis, Business, and Science & Environment. You can click on any of the three stories displayed, or you can scroll from left to right to find more stories under the same categories. It’s an intuitive and easy way to browse news from all over the world.

As far as quality of articles go, BBC is top notch. Their reports are truthful and straight to the point. A simple app combined with good reporting creates a great experience, and my new favorite way to get the news. You can pick it up on the app store for free for iPhone or iPad.

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