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Posted In App Review - By Ben On Monday, August 15th, 2011 With 1 Comment
As many of you have read, Facebook recently launched an app designed specifically for using Facebook chat. But how does it compare to other Facebook chat apps? Is it worth using, or should you stick with what you were doing before? I’ll help you out. 

The Facebook Messenger app is really just like the Messages section of the regular Facebook app that got cut out and made standalone. You open it up, sign into your Facebook account, and there you have it – it displays a list of all your messages, and offers a keyboard for you to reply. It’s very simple. There’s the messages list, a window that displays your current chat, and a few settings – not confusing, but not very elegant either.

There are a couple caveats to the app. For one, it doesn’t allow you to see which friends are online. There isn’t a list of online friends – when you send a new message, you type a name in the “To:” field, just like an email. No clue whether your friend will is online to receive the message, or if it’s simply going to go to their inbox for later reading. For me, this is a big deal. How do you know who have a conversation with if you don’t know who is online?

So is it worth the switch? I would say no. There are plenty of other Facebook chat options that have more features and better functionality – for example, I have used IM+, and will probably go back to using it shortly. It just works better, for my needs at least. Facebook Messenger is one app you can easily pass by.


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