App Review: Photovine

Posted In App Review - By Ben On Monday, August 22nd, 2011 With 0 Comments
Who needs another photo sharing app? There’s Flickr, there’s Instagram…and now there’s Photovine. But what is Photovine? And is it worth the download? 

Photovine is an app used to share your pictures. That much seems obvious. But the way you share them is brand new. People create something called a “vine”. That vine is a group of photos that all fit the same caption, which is set at creation by the one making the vine. For example, the most popular vines right now are “What’s on my wrist”, “Things I love about summer” and “Breakfast of Champions.” Then, other people can add photos that they take or photos from their phone to your vine. Everyone using photovine can see and add too any vine. You can be dead serious, or very funny – whatever suits your fancy.

You can create a profile as well, which allows other people to see your all of the vines you have contributed too recently. It also allows them to see who you are “following” and who is following you – rather the same way that Twitter works.

The app is a great way to see great photography, and occasionally have a good laugh. I would definitely recommend that everyone give it a try, especially someone who is into photography.

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