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Puzzle games are one of my favorite types on iOS, and it’s been quite awhile since I found one with lasting appeal. Qvoid finally fills the void (cheesy, I know) left from an absence of a good puzzler. The first creation from new developer Gavina Games has turned out to be quite the hit. I saw it featured on the App Store and just had to download it after seeing the artwork.

In Qvoid, you guide a smiley-faced white cube around a board with colored and black cells. The object of the game is to match the different colors placed on the board by landing on a color and “picking it up” with that side of the cube, and then rolling around the level to land on the matching color with the same side of the cube. There is a catch though. Once you pick up a color, you cannot land on a black cell with the now-colored side of your cube. As you move forward with the levels, you will encounter new tools and obstacles like white cells that can be used as placeholders, tele porters, cells that move, teleport, disappear, and more. It’s a very easy game to get into, but the challenge and difficulty increase at a quick pace. Qvoid comes with over 90 levels, and I’m betting it will provide more than a few hours of entertainment trying to get through them all. One thing I am very thankful the developer added is the undo button. It can be use as many times as needed in each level, and will take you back step by step. It is very handy for going back to see where a mistake or wrong move was made, without punishing you and making you start from the beginning. But if all hope is lost, you can hit the menu button and restart the level if needed.

The graphics and sounds of the game are great. Simple, but pleasing to look at. The colors pop which definitely enhances the gameplay. Unlike most games I’ve played, the soundtrack is actually good in this game and doesn’t become horribly repetitive quickly.

The developer has an update planned that will be adding some great features to this already stellar game. The update will bring 24 new puzzles, at the hardest difficulty. It will also bring a new leader board that will award points for improving steps, collecting stars, beating the creator’s solution, and more. Solution sharing will allow players to share new ways to solve each level. And probably the best part, is a new puzzle creator. This will make the game seemingly endless. I can’t wait.

Qvoid is available from the App Store for $1.99, and is a universal app that works great on all iOS devices.

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