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Posted In App Review - By Ben On Monday, September 26th, 2011 With 1 Comment
Have you ever been bored? I already know the answer to that – yes. You have. Here is an app that’s a cure for boredom – and it’s called StumbleUpon. 

Can you guess what StumbleUpon does? If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll let you know. StumbleUpon helps you stumble upon websites that you’re interested in. When you create your account, you fill in some things that you’re interested in, and then you click the button that says “Stumble”. The app then finds webpages that correspond to your interests. If you told the app that you were interested in photography, it might shoot you over to a review of a new camera, or a really interesting picture. There are a lot of different categories it can show you – anything from sports to science, technology to turtles. If you like something? There’s a little thumbs-up button you can press, and StumbleUpon will show you more things like that. Never want to see anything like this ever again? There’s a dislike button to banish things from your screen forever.

There is an iPhone and iPad app, and a version available for your web browser. It’s a free, fun thing to do when you’re bored. I would recommend that anyone give it a try.

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