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Voice Control is a great feature for iPhone and iPod Touch, but its lack of features contained inside the app is very limited. Now with an app I have found, you can do even more using a third party app named Vlingo Voice App. I will be giving you a review of this app, and my opinions on it. I rate each category from 1 to 10, and average every category into the final score.

The first category is if the app correctly does the operation you want it to do. It usually does the correct operation if you say the correct phrase to do what you want it to do. Obviously if I say something totally different than what it is suppose to hear, you simply won’t get a correct operation. But if you do say the correct prompt, it will surely do it. I have done it 10 times and it worked nine times. Overall, I give the operation completion 9.5 out of 10.

The second category is Ease of Use. To input a command you tap the button in the middle of the screen. While it is prompting on the screen, speak your command, and what you want to search, or say. The prompts may take a bit to learn, but when you use it for a while, you’ll learn to remember it. If you need to view the prompts again you just simply tap the wrench in the bottom left hand corner, and it will bring up the prompts that you can say to input a command. The commands are pretty simple and straight forward, and anybody could learn how to do it. That is why I’m giving the Ease of Use 9 out of 10.

The third category I use to review this app is the features. This app is meant for one use. Obviously, to control the features of your phone by giving commands on what to do. So I will review the different things you can control. Vlingo is good at what it is suppose to do. You can search a place in maps, search the web, update your FaceBook status, and dial some bodies number. There is also an option to pay for a voice texting option, and a voice email option. I have vigorously tried the features out, and they also seem to work perfectly. Vlingo is certainly the app to beat in terms of using the integrated microphone. I am going to give the features a 9 out of 10, for its exemplary performance on the built in features.

The fourth and final category is the Value. The app is totally free, but as I said before, the add-ons will cost you a tiny bit. But you do get what you pay for with these add ons. It is certainly worth the download, and since it is free, what have you got to lose? I use this app a lot during the week, and it certainly is good at what it is made for. This app could’ve easily been $3.99, but it is free, and you can download it now from the App Store on iTunes or the App Store. That’s why I’m giving the Value a surprisingly perfect 10 out of 10.

The app is just great, with no catch or gimmicks. If you have an iDevice with a mic built in, I would certainly at least try it out. It’s a great app, and has received great ratings. The app is great at what it does, and is certainly worth the time of downloading it. Overall the app receives a mind-blowing 9.4 out of 10.

What are your guys’ thoughts on the app?

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  1. XYRQ says:

    You have to tap a button every time you want to speak a command? How lame. My Android version of VLingo has inCar, which allows me to say “Hey VLingo!”, speak my command and keep both hands on the wheel.

  2. rabizzle says:

    i can’t stand the app for Iphone! The InCar and Safe Reader feature are the only real reasons to have this app and they are NOT AVAIL on Iphone! I paid for the unlimited sms/email thinking i needed to have them– $10 wasted. i wish i could get my money back…and my HTC EVO. This app is the on the Android platform…but incredibly weak on the IPHONE4.

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