Why Apple Doesn’t Mind Losing The Lead To Android

Posted In Apple news - By Ben On Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 With 1 Comment

So, Android is officially way out ahead of Apple’s iOS in terms of market share, yet we haven’t seen any mind-blowing releases or super cool iOS updates. Why is that? Well, Apple doesn’t really care. But how is it possible not to care when the whole market is centered around competition?

Well, they’re still making tons of money. Even though they aren’t selling as many phones as the Android empire, they’re making a lot of money per phone. $300 a pop. They’ve sold fifty-one million iPhones since the launch in 2007. That’s quite a lot of money. How much is Google making? Well, their platform is totally open, so…none. Apart from the obvious marketing and redirects to other Google services, Google is making no money from Android – that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular.

Not only is Apple happy from a financial standpoint, their happy with their product niche as well. For a long time, Apple has been the high-quality electronics producer. Yes, they may cost more, but they’re made of high quality build materials – glass and aluminum vs. the Android cheap plastic – and the iPhone is an overall higher quality user experience. Ask any reviewer and they will tell you the same thing. Not only is this factually true, but the consumers know it, too. Apple has built a reputation as the high-quality phone manufacturer, and they’re quite happy there. When the average Joe sees an iPhone user, the automatic reaction is “Whoa, you have an iPhone? That’s so cool!”. This is compared to the Android platform, where it seems like everyone and their uncle has one. It’s like Windows vs. Mac all over again. And once again, Apple is quite content being the high quality niche dealer.

Does Apple need to worry about Android? Not really. They’re making plenty of money, they’ve got a reputation as a high quality technology manufacturer, where Android is known to be buggy. They don’t need to be #1 in sales, because that’s not the only way to be a successful company. Plus, they’ve got one of the biggest fan-bases in the technology industry. Proud to be a fanboy!

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  1. Matt says:

    I think at the iPad 2 event, Steve announced they have sold over 100 million iPhones.

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