How Apple should implement Push Notification: Mobile Notifier Beta5

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Peter Hajas’ jailbreak tweak in Cydia called MobileNotifier has gotten significant press over the last couple months. It has been called the best way for push notifications to be implemented by many people in the jailbreak community. However in a surprising move yesterday, Hajas announced that he was going to stop developing MobileNotifier and take a break. Many people have speculated that Apple may have hired Hajas to implement a similar push notification system into iOS.

Hajas today released the final version of MobileNotifier, which is called Beta5. Hajas calls it “the most revolutionary release since its inception.”

I personally was not the biggest fan of Mobile Notifier Beta3 and 4, but with Beta 5, Hajas has really perfected the system and makes it very easy to use and implement a truly magnificent way to implement push notifications in iOS.

Here is how Hajas described the release.

“After all the press surrounding my last post, I had to do something. Instead of confirm or deny anything, I decided to do something. Something big.

I’m presenting the final release of MobileNotifier that I’ll have a part in before my absence. MobileNotifier beta5,Ecstatic Eggo. This release is big in more ways than one. It’s the most revolutionary release since the project’s inception.”

What is new in Beta5?

  • MobileReply. Reply to text messages while within other applications! It works like magic!
  • Full message text! Read everything in the alert, not just the first few words.
  • Redesigned minimalist alert display!
  • A brand new AlertDashboard!
  • Dismiss alerts right from the popup! Hate going into the dashboard to remove alerts you’ve just archived? Simply hit the “X” in the popup to dismiss them for good!
  • Recall the most recent alert easily with an Activator action. Then use MobileReply to reply to it!
  • Way way faster.

What’s been fixed?

  • Lockscreen no longer displays if you have it set to “off”
  • Various small bugfixes.
  • Did I mention way way faster?

It is available in his repo:

I truly recommend that you check out MobileNotifier. You won’t be disappointed.


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