Apple iTV to cost double than comparable TV

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According to Gene Munster, who took the stage at IGNITION: Future of Media, Munster has said that ‘next year’ was the year for an Apple television set for a while now. While the claims may have not come true in the last couple of years, his claims today are worth a look as Steve Jobs mentioned the TV industry in the Walter Isaacson biography.

Munster is convinced that an Apple TV will be launching before the 2012 holiday season, which is about a year from now. In addition, Munster is confident that he knows the specs of the television. He is so confident, that he encouraged audience members from restrain from buying a TV. This is what his claims consist of.

The Apple HDTV will be a full-featured, standalone television and will not be a small accessory of an Apple TV box for your TV. The TV will come in a range of sizes to appeal to a large variety of consumers at different prices and will cost twice the cost of your average HDTV at that size. Cable TV and boxe will be supported through a single cable, but navigation will be through your iPad, iPhone, or Siri. In addition there will integration with iTunes, App Store and iCloud.

Would you pick up an Apple iTV at double the competitors price?

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