Apple has met iPad 2 Demands

Posted In iPad - By Joon On Sunday, July 17th, 2011 With 0 Comments

The iPad 2 has been nearly impossible to get your hands on in stores. I know this from personal experience during my own journey to purchase an iPad 2. Just a couple months ago, almost every single store in my local area was sold out of the iPad 2 with the exception of the 32 GB Verizon model. I called every local Apple store, Best Buy, MicroCenter, and Target to see if they had any. None. That was until there was one store that got a shipment that day and was about to run out. So I did what any other crazed Apple fan boy would do, I ran out and got it. Now, almost have a year since the release of the iPad 2, Apple has finally caught up to the demand.

While at launch they said it may take 3-5 weeks for the iPad 2 to ship, the number shrunk to 3-5 a couple of weeks ago and now has finally come down to 1-3 days, meaning that demand has been met by Apple. Despite this, Apple still limits each customer to 2 iPads and many international store still list shipping times as 3-5 days.

Earlier this week, Apple let educational affiliates now that iPad 2′s were now eligible for the program, a sign that Apple has met the demands for a product.

Will you be picking up an iPad 2 or will you be waiting out for the iPad 3? Leave your thoughts below.

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