Apple preparing 30-pin replacement

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iMore is reporting that Apple may be beginning the transition away from their standard proprietary 30-pin dock connector in order to find something that is more compact in the very near future.

An updated “micro dock” would be able to make room for a bigger battery, 4G radio, and other components that are much more crucial to the iPhone and iPad in a PC free world.

As the website points out, Apple has been working hard to shrink the other components in their iOS devices. Apple has been one of the first to adopt the micro-SIM card and has even proposed to use an even smalled SIM card design so they could make even thinner devices.

From MacRumors

As iMore points out, the current dock connector isn’t huge, but as devices continue to get smaller and thinner, every little bit counts.

Moving away from such a ubiquitous connector, however, would be walking away from an enormous ecosystem of existing 3rd party products. Still, Apple’s constant desire to make smaller/thinner designs will naturally put pressure on the size of all their components. Apple’s recent move to PC-free computing with iCloud syncing may have also diminished the importance of the dock connector.

Editor-in-Chief Rene Ritchie for iMore says that the report came from a very solid source.


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