Apple Sending out new iPod Nano’s

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6th generation ipod nano 1

A few weeks ago, Apple did a full recall on first generation iPod Nanos. It became quite apparent that there was something wrong with the tiny devices when the batteries all started expanding and even breaking the seams on the casing of the iPods. While it wasn’t a sure thing on every single device, it was enough devices that Apple had to take a look into the issue. There have been reports over the years of iPhones doing similar things, but the issue has never been as widespread or prevalent as it was with the first round of iPod nanos. The small battery lodged in the casing of the iPod had a tendency to overheat and then swell. Needless to say, the contents of the battery pouches is quite volatile and not good to have in contact with skin or even breath in the fumes from it.

Replacement ipod nano

The replacement program started and when people started sending in their iPod nanos, they were receiving the same model right back, and fairly quickly. It would appear however now as the supply levels of the iPods dwindled, Apple started sending out newer generations of the iPods as a replacement. More recently people have been receiving the newest generation iPods as their replacement.

I can say that I will be hunting through my closet to find my original nano. I certainly would love a new iPod nano!


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