AT&T Enables iPhone 4′s for Mobile Hotspot Feature

Posted In AT&T, iPhone, Verizon - By Elan On Monday, February 21st, 2011 With 0 Comments

When deciding between buying an iPhone 4 on Verizon or at&t, one thing people take in to account is the mobile hotspot feature that is built in to the Verizon iPhone. This feature gives capabilities, like the MiFi, to create a WiFi bubble from your phone, and connect other WiFi devices to the internet through your Verizon 3G connection. The exclusivity of this feature to Verizon is beginning to go away, as Apple rolls out iOS 4.3 beta.

In the update, iPhone 4’s on at&t can now use the hotspot feature as well. The feature works even better on at&t than Verizon, because as at&t wants you to know, you can use data and you can take and send phone calls at the same time. If using data, or the hotspot feature on Verizon and you receive a call, your data connection, and the connections of the devices on your network die, because of the limitations of Verizon’s CDMA technology.

Casual users will have to wait to use this feature until Apple unveils iOS 4.3 to the public, and makes it available to the public. Until then, Verizon iPhone users will be exclusive to using the mobile hotspot feature.

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