AT&T Now Owns T-Mobile!

Posted In AT&T, iPhone - By Sharmarke On Sunday, March 20th, 2011 With 4 Comments

Today AT&T acquired T-Mobile USA in cash and stock transaction that’s worth $39 BILLION, it was announced earlier on today by Deutsche Telekom AG. AT&T will improve call quality, and most likely bring LTE in the future years but what about the pricing.

What does this mean for those of you who have jailbroken+unlocked your iPhone 2G 3G or 3GS to go to T-Mobile? It could
result in plans costing more and you not getting the voice + unlimited data for as cheap as before. This is similar to when Roger had acquired Fido, Fidos pricing plans had gone up from what they had been in the previous years.

Could this now mean we can expect the next iPhone to also be on T-Mobile? 3 carriers for the iPhone will cause immense competition throughout the USA.

Only  time can tell what will happen with T-Mobile

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  1. Janet Rizzuto says:

    I signed a contract with T Mobile and a week later got a letter saying I was denied after service was installed ! When I went to go and question this letter, all the phone numbers I had called were attached to Radio shacks within California! When asking their corporate phone numbers, no one had a clue as to what I was talking about ! RRRR I’m reading online and it appears that AT&T recently purchased T Mobile. That’s cool. I’m glad for them ! But how do I deal with this problem ? I haven’t a clue! Why do companies talk out both sides of their mouth?

  2. ED says:

    ATT will never buy T-Mobil the option to buy was stop buy US Goverment so ATT offer was decline n cancelled. T-Mobil is better company than ATT

  3. Randy says:

    Seems the writer of this article is uninformed of facts. ATT never bought t-mobile.
    Read and learn

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