Another Attempt To Stop Jailbreaking

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If you’ve been keeping up with NBC updates, you’d know that Apple has officially requested that the Federal Government to put an end to jailbreaking, even though back in July 2010, it was legalized by the government!

NBC says that Apple already contacted the U.S Copyrights Office, saying this:

“Current jailbreaking technologies now in widespread use utilize unauthorized modifications to the copyrighted bootloader and operating system, resulting in the infringement of the copyrights in those programs”

Isn’t it odd that Apple did this immediately after Sony filed a lawsuit against George Hotz of Geohot, the man who is infinitely famous for hacking and jailbreaking the PlayStation 3 and the iPhone?

I, personally, hope that this doesn’t come to pass, what about you guys?  I look forward to reading your comments!

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  1. Yojo says:

    Even if they do make it illegal it still can’t stop them, that’s part of jailbreaking, going past what’s available

  2. jim says:

    well i hope it doesnt happen, it would be sad

  3. Iphonemaniac87 says:

    Idk… It goes both ways . Because jailbreaking slows the the iPhone and crashes it and etc. But you still can get free apps!!! So I believe apple will not win.

  4. J.A.Rosa says:

    Thoughts on the subject is it’s been dealt with not by meetings but by something more evident and that’s called court.Many aspects have examined and arguments looked at so the decision was made and people have the freedom to do whatever the want to better their product in any way shape or form.If it’s customizing,rearranging or make things more better for them selves by oh means that should be condoned but fact is it does improve the buyer’s experience in many forms than one and that makes it more user friendly.Anyhow,this thing about tooting their own horn on how they did this and how its so great concerning jailbreaking system should not be categorized as the same as Apple’s trial and tribulation.Playstation has different aspects compared to apple functions.There’re  great in their fields but customizing isn’t the same as getting free games so really its that simple.But someone advertising that this could be done push’s the definition of liberty to vandalism and thats not what has been accomplished in the proceedings  of law and order.People define convince’s not manufactures suing hacking forms of hackers.People have a choice and that must be respected.So whatever choice in the matter should be directly to one not all of the many that support it.Like everything else the word of the many will be herd and restrictions of what can’t be done will be be vanquished.At the end of the day everybody wants to be happy with what they purchased and that’s almost a given.       

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