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Now, I have to admit the title didn’t necessarily catch my eye, what did catch my eye was the small little infant on the front carrying a sword.  The picture was so hilarious in itself that I had to download the app to my iPod touch to try it out for myself.  I have to admit Baby Ninja by Michael Sandt is a funny and amusing run and jump game.

You play as a small infant, wearing a simple diaper and there are little controls on the bottom left hand corner giving you the option to run at a regular speed or super ninja speed! If you hit the ninja speed, not only does your baby go faster but he puts on a black ninja outfit and if you run out of ninja speed, not to worry there are little tiny orbs through the level that give you more.  On the bottom right hand of your screen there is a button to jump, press it twice to double jump and three times to triple jump and so on and so forth, you can basically stay up in the air throughout the game if you truly tried.  Surrounding the jump button are four more, numbered 1-4.  Buttons 1,3 and 4 are simple sword moves, while button number two lets your toss a throwing star.

The object of this simple yet addicting and fun game is to catch the good fruit and teddy bears while attacking the bad fruits (they have worms in them).  If you miss four teddies then the game is over, while the bad fruits simply take away points.

I’d definitely recommend this free app to anyone who likes fun jump and run games, ninjas or babies.  If you do get this app, make sure to tell me what you thought of it, I look forward to reading your comments!

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  1. jim says:

    sorry john, but this game i didn’t like. i think it was just plain. thanks for the suggestion though

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