Brazilian-Made 8 GB iPhone 4 Surfaces

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Apple has recently begun producing both iPads and iPhones in Brazil, with iPhone production currently moving quicker than iPad production.

Evidence of Brazilian iPhone production is already up online, as a picture of a new 8 Gb iPhone 4 carrying the markings revealing its production in Brazil have surfaced.

From MacRumors

Aside from an “Indústria Brasileira” notice replacing the usual “Assembled in China” statement found on most iPhones, the new Brazilian model also includes a regulatory agency logo from Anatel, the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications. The software also reports a model number of MD198BR, with the “BR” suffix suggesting a Brazil-specific model.

Apple is getting ready to introduce the 8 GB iPhone 4 in Brazil and a separate source has told that the device is set to launch December 2nd. The launch would come alongside the launch of the 4S in Brazil, although no other specific information about the launch has been provided.

High import taxes on products such as the iPhone and iPad have resulted in the adoption of Apple’s devices in Brazil to be very slow. With the production in Brazil getting started, Apple hopes to spur growth of its products in Brazil.

iPad production has yet begin in Brazil, although Foxconn claims that production will be ramping up in the next few months.

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