Bye Bye HP!

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So it would appear that another competitor has bitten the dust. This week HP, a large PC company, announced that they are selling off their hardware division and moving on to Software development as their main cash crop. This would of course make more sense if they had some software to speak of. Many will say that Web OS is their software that they will now license out to other companies to put on their devices, but in all reality, Web OS was a fledgling OS that was just getting its feet under it. With the discontinuation of the Touchpad and all other Web OS devices, it is going to take HP some time to make a move back to competing with the iPhone or the iPad.

I have to say, that I feel that this is a shame. If I was pressed to choose a PC from one of the major companies, I would have to say that HP would have been top of my list. While Dell and Lenovo have seemed to continue their downward spiral, I always had a feeling that if someone was going to at least stay stable with some decent products, it would be HP. I even got a chance to play with the Touchpad for a while, and I have to say, I liked it! Did it have the apps that make the iPad so useful? No, did it have any of the finesse that makes the iPad so easy to use? No, but it was a beginning. I could tell that the touchpad had a lot of potential, and I hate to see that go to waste like it is. I feel that there could have been something there, but HP just couldn’t keep up with the momentum that the iPad is putting out. iPad wannabes such as the Touchpad and other tablets, really aren’t a smart move for any company now, especially when trying to compete at the same price point. They will always lose, and I think HP learned the hard way, not to take on Apple head to head.

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