Which Carrier is Best for You?

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With the new iPhone 4S launching in just a few more days and a lot of you at the end of your contracts, you may be wondering which carrier is the best for your new iPhone. So we’re going to talk about the benefits to each plan. 

Let’s start with the newest first – Sprint. The biggest advantage to Sprint is for our power users out there – an unlimited data plan. For those who just can’t keep it under 2GB a month, Sprint is the clear winner. Couple that with a relatively cheap price tag, the Now Network is looking like a pretty good option.

Next, Verizon. This one is pretty simple. Verizon generally has the best coverage out of any of the big four. There’s some satisfaction to knowing that wherever you go, you’re almost certain to have coverage. However, Verizon does have notoriously high prices and slower 3G connectivity, as well as a lack of simultaneous talking and browsing.

And last, but certainly not least, we have AT&T. The best thing about an iPhone 4S on AT&T is the (relatively) lightning fast data speeds. AT&T is the only network capable of delivering the 14.4 mbps speed Apple was so keen on during the ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event.

So what’s most important to you? Unlimited data? Good coverage? Or maybe high, almost 4G data speeds? Whatever it is for you, pre-orders start now!

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