New Case Mock Ups Show Possible iPhone 5 Design

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This new case design lends credence to the previous rumors of the next iPhone being a full redesign and not just an upgraded processor. Shown is a redesigned tapered back (in the same vein as the iPad 2 and the iPod touch). One other major change to note is the large home button that the guys over at This is my next (soon to be The Verge) first speculated on back in April.

The display is the other big change to the smart phone. The exact size could be somewhere around 4 inches, while the overall size of the phone seems to be the same, if not a little thinner. It is shown to be the edge to edge glass that we have all been hearing about.

The image shown comes from Mobile Fun, who also received this mockup from a different manufacturer of how a case for the iPhone 5 would look. From the limited view of this other case from the second manufacturer seems to corroborate the new designs and features shown in the first design.

The back of this next iPhone will most likely be metal (either steel or aluminum), to fit with the designs of the iPad 2 and iPod touch. As for that larger home button, Mobile Fun believes that it could be fully capacitive and not be a physical part at all. This could also be used for a gesture pad, enabling other multi-touch gestures. Personally I find this to be hard to believe, mainly because we have seen most of iOS 5 already and there hasn’t been any software or feature that could take advantage of a new gesture area.

The iPhone 5 is set to come out sometime in September, so we won’t have to wait too much longer to see if this new design will see production.

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