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You might have been a little nervous a few weeks or so ago when Consumer Reports was talking badly of the new iPad, everyone was complaining about heat issues, and it seemed the battery wasn’t charging all the way. However, it would seem all these complaints were just a few big companies like Consumer Reports doing a bit of grumbling. Recent studies show that 98% of early iPad 3 adopters are satisfied with their new purchase.
ChangeWave Research conducted a survey of recent purchasers of the new iPad, and the satisfaction rate has been through the roof – higher, in fact, than any other Apple device before it. 82% of new iPad owners found that they were ‘Very Satisfied’ with the device, while 16% found that they were ‘Somewhat Satisfied”. In fact, the study also found that 89% of consumers said that there was no heat issue – it seems like a big deal was made of almost nothing.
The study also ranked consumer’s favorite features on their new iPad 3. 75% of buyers ranked the new Retina display as their favorite feature, while 20-22% believed that the new LTE speed options were the best. Overall, it seems as though the new iPad, despite it’s awkward name and heat issues, has been a huge success for Apple. Don’t let the surplus of iPad supply and lack of lines mislead you – the iPad 3 has been flying off the shelf, and consumers have been loving it.


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4G Marketing Madness http://johnsiphone.com/4g-marketing-madness/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=4g-marketing-madness http://johnsiphone.com/4g-marketing-madness/#comments Sun, 15 Apr 2012 16:31:39 +0000 James http://johnsiphone.com/?p=6573

By now, you might have heard a bit about the issues Apple has been having in Australia over the marketing of the iPad 3, and it’s ability to connect to 4G networks. Apple had claimed in Australian advertisements that the new iPad would be able to connect to 4G networks and take advantage of the fast data speeds. However, the mobile carrier in the country is not offering 4G with the iPad 3. Many consumers were agitated that Apple was marketing the iPad 3 as a 4G device, when there was no 4G capability available in Australia.

In response to customer dissatisfaction and some court action, Apple changed their marketing documents to remove all mentions of 4G connectivity. But now, Apple has gone even another step further, offering refunds to customers who feel deceived by their advertising. Seeing the effect in Australia, consumers in many other countries are following the trend – Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have all seen many complaints about false 4G marketing, as 4G is only offered in the US and Canada.

The iPad 3 seems to be getting a bit of a bad rap so far, not only with these complaints of misleading advertising, but also coming under fire with Consumer Reports claiming the iPad gets too warm, and others insisting that the battery doesn’t charge probably. However, these things appear not to be affecting sales so far, and Apple has been very on top of any issues that have arisen – always nice to see their quality customer support.


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Apple to unveil iPad 3 on March 7th http://johnsiphone.com/apple-unveil-ipad-3-march-7th/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=apple-unveil-ipad-3-march-7th http://johnsiphone.com/apple-unveil-ipad-3-march-7th/#comments Thu, 01 Mar 2012 04:16:16 +0000 Joon http://johnsiphone.com/?p=6544

The Verge and The Loop broke the news yesterday that Apple sent invites for the iPad 3 keynote and introduction that we have all been waiting for, likely with a lot of anticipation. The press conference is March 7 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 1 A.M. PST. The three app icons each hold subtle causes and clues. The Maps shows the Infinite Loop, which is the location of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. The calendar displays the date of the keynote, Wednesday March 7, and the what is conveyed through the Keynote app icon.

This news officially exposed CNBC’s report calling for a March unveiling in New York City as grossly inaccurate. True to Apple’s form, the invite teases with an iPad close-up shot featuring a finger touching upon the Calendar icon. The tagline reads:

We have something you really have to see. And touch.

From 9to5Mac

Both the wording (“something you really have to see”) and the image (can you discern the individual pixels on iPad’s display?) would appear to confirm the long-standing rumors of an ultra high-resolution Retina Display (2048-by-1536 pixels), reportedly the key selling point of the device. Also interesting is lack of the physical home button—assuming the close-up was meant to depict iPad 3 in portrait orientation. Some fans also took to Twitter to note how Apple unmistakably sent out invites just as Eric Schmidt was delivering his Google keynote talk at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Sources expect that the third generation iPad will likely run on a dual-core A5X processor including an improved graphics engine. The A5X will likely be a minor upgrade over the A5 processor and not the major upgrade an A6 processor would likely be.


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Retina Display for iPad confirmed http://johnsiphone.com/retina-display-ipad-confirmed/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=retina-display-ipad-confirmed http://johnsiphone.com/retina-display-ipad-confirmed/#comments Sat, 25 Feb 2012 03:12:54 +0000 Joon http://johnsiphone.com/?p=6541

Last week, MacRumors reported that they were able to get a 9.7 inch display that was claimed to be for the iPad 3, confirming through microscopic analysis that the display offers twice the linear resolution and 4 times the total number of pixels as the iPad 2.

iFixit’s comparison of iPad 2 and iPad 3 display pixels


From MacRumors

We’ve since shared the display with our friends at iFixit to see if they could power the screen and otherwise take a closer look at it. Unfortunately, with the different connector on the new display, iFixit was unable to directly hook the display up to the guts of an iPad 2. Meanwhile, efforts to map the pins of the two displays in an attempt to jury-rig the iPad 3 display were believed to be too substantial to undertake with the limited time and no guarantees of success. iFixit was, however, able to confirm our findings of an ultra-high resolution display that quadruples the number of pixels over the previous-generation iPads.

In this new video overview of the iPad 3 display, iFixit confirms the higher (2048×1536) resolution, the modified connector, and tweaked retaining clips as compared to the iPad 2 display.

Apple is expected to announce their next iPad on March 7th and is expected to sport a Retina Display, an A5X or A6 processor and a thicker design to compensate for the new display and battery.


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iPad 3 coming soon, iPad 2 models facing supply constraints http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-3-coming-ipad-2-models-facing-supply-constraints/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ipad-3-coming-ipad-2-models-facing-supply-constraints http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-3-coming-ipad-2-models-facing-supply-constraints/#comments Mon, 13 Feb 2012 03:54:30 +0000 Joon http://johnsiphone.com/?p=6522

Usually a solid indication on when an Apple product refresh is when the previous model of that specific product begins to get supplu shortages. We saw this prior to the launch of the iPad 2 in March, and we typically see this when Apple is about to launch some new Macs. Some examples have been the release of the MacBook Air, Pro and iMac prior to their 2011 refreshes. That same deal is happening right now with the ipad 2, which will be succeeded by the iPad 3 in about a month.

From 9to5Mac

According to a source familiar with Apple’s product distribution channels, the iPad 2 WiFi + 3G is constrained. Supply shortages span beyond Apple’s own distribution channels, though, as major retailers are reporting “out of stock” status for the 3G iPad 2. This includes, but is likely not limited to, Carphone Warehouse and Orange in the United Kingdom. Carphone Warehouse is reporting shortges of five out of six of their 3G iPad 2 models (everything but the black 64GB unit), and Orange UK is reporting shortages of half of the 3G iPad 2 SKUs: both 32GB models and the white 64GB unit.

While none of the iPad 2 WiFi-only models are not constrained, a shortage of the 3G models is quite notable. The next-generation iPad is rumored to include some high end features such as aRetina Displayimproved cameras, and a much speedier processor. With only the 3G models being constrained, the unconstrained status of the WiFi-only iPad 2s can be an indicator of Apple keeping the WiFi iPad 2 and tacking the iPad 3 on top as a more premium model. The key here is that none of the WiFi-only models are seeing shortages, as only the 16GB unit has been rumored to stay when the iPad 3 launches.

The iPad 2 is also rumored to be getting a price drop as the entry level iPad.

In addition, Apple is also rumored to be adding LTE to its new iPad as well as its next generation iPhone in the coming months. 4G has been spreading recently and is now covering the majority of the country. Apple held back on LTE last year, but will most likely implement 4G into its next devices in order to give iOS devices the fastest speeds possible.

Will you pick up an iPad 3?


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iPad 3 had entered production http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-3-entered-production/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ipad-3-entered-production http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-3-entered-production/#comments Tue, 17 Jan 2012 03:29:42 +0000 Joon http://johnsiphone.com/?p=6479

Bloomberg has reported that Apple’s next generation iPad will have a quad-core processor and 4G/LTE data speed capability. The new tablet has been reported as entering production and is supposed to be slated for a March release.

According to the report, the iPad 3 will feature a high resolution display, most likely retina, the faster dual core processor and LTE compatibility. The new tablet is supposed to have begin entering full production in February is set to be announced in March.

The company’s manufacturing partners in Asia started ramping up production of the iPad 3 this month and plan to reach full volumes by February, said one of the people, who asked not to be named because the details aren’t public. The tablet will use a quad-core chip, an enhancement that lets users jump more quickly between applications, two of the people said.

Apple is bringing LTE to the iPad before the iPhone because the tablet has a bigger battery and can better support the power requirements of the newer technology, said one of the people.

The new display is capable of greater resolution than the current iPad, with more pixels on its screen than some high- definition televisions, the person said. The pixels are small enough to make the images look like printed material, according to the person. Videos begin playing almost instantly because of the additional graphics processing, the person said.

Cult of Mac has also learned that the next iPad will also be slightly thinner than the iPad 2. Others have rumored that the next ipad will be slightly larger due to the increased quality of screen and increased specs. In addition, it has been rumored for months that the next iPad will feature a Retina display and refrences to quad core processors has been found in iOS 5.1 betas.

Bloomberg also thinks that the iPad 3 will also work on 4G LTE networks. While there has not been a lot of evidence to support this claim, it is not out of discussion. Other reports have suggested that breakthroughs in chip technology would allow for efficient LTE technology in iPhones and iPads. An iPad that would make effortless switches between 3G and LTE would likely be appealing due to LTE not covering about 25% percent of the nation.

Will you be picking up an iPad 3?

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LogMeIn for iPad Review http://johnsiphone.com/logmein-ipad-review/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=logmein-ipad-review http://johnsiphone.com/logmein-ipad-review/#comments Thu, 29 Dec 2011 23:44:29 +0000 LeightonL http://johnsiphone.com/?p=6431

LogMeIn is a tool in which someone can access one of their computers through another. LogMeIn brought out an app for the iPhone last year called ‘LogMeIn Ignition’. Basically, for around a $35 one-time payment (pretty steep, I know), you can access your computer through your iPhone. So thats it, right? No. There’s also software you have to install on your computer. If you got it for free, everytime you logged on to your computer, you would be prompted to ‘Go Pro’; something you dont need to do unless youre a business person. (Going pro includes more file storage and a speedier experience.

However, with this new LogMeIn app, both pieces of software are free to install, and you can be browsing through your PC and Mac’s files in no time. If you have an iPad 3G, you can access it from wherever you are; as long as your computer isnt shut down. It really is a great idea from the company.

As with many great ideas, however, there are flaws. The app can sometimes crash upon loading, and your connection with the computer sometimes drops out. Sometimes it will tell me my computer is offline, when it obviously isn’t.

Its User Interface is great, and the app is easy to use for even the greatest technophobe. Simply log-in with your account, tap the computer you want to hook up to and there you go; youre surfing in no time.

It looks good too, the colour scheme is more of a warm blue, and comes with a sense of proffesionalism about it. And i love it when an app is well put together.

I would reccomend you download this app while it is free, because it is simply brilliant; The few flaws wont stop you from having a good time with it.
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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iPad 3 to come on Steve Job’s Birthday? http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-3-steve-jobs-birthday/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ipad-3-steve-jobs-birthday http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-3-steve-jobs-birthday/#comments Mon, 26 Dec 2011 17:21:09 +0000 Joon http://johnsiphone.com/?p=6399

According to a Taiwanese website, there is a report in the Chinese Economic Times newspaper, Apple is trying to speed up production in order to launch the iPad 3 on Steve Job’s birthday anniversary on Feb. 24.

The newspaper based their report on sources close to Tawainese maker in the Apple supply chain.

After the iPhone 4S successfully took the tech market by storm, the iPad3 is widely expected to be Apple’s first hit product to be released next year. Industry sources said the first shipment of the iPad3 could exceed 4 million units. Because it is a new gadget, it is taking time for makers in the supply chain to raise their yield rates. The sources said all OEM and ODM makers have exercised great caution in ensuring the smooth operations of their production lines.

The original iPad was introduced on Jan. 27, 2010 by Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs. In order to meet the deadline, it is reported that Asian component makers and contract manufacturers are ordering that employees work through the Lunar New Year holiday. This February 24 launch date is referring to an availability vs an introduction date as Deb 24. is a Friday. Apple typically releases their major products on Fridays.

From 9to5Mac:

Foxconn, Apple’s favorite contract manufacturer, is reportedly asking employees at its iPad division to only take five days off during the Lunar New Year holiday. Catcher Technology, a rumored maker of iPad 3′s case, reportedly said “at least some of its employees will have to work overtime during the Lunar New Year holiday.” Battery maker Simplo Technology, connector maker Amer International Group and optical lens supplier Genius Electronic Optical are all believed to have asked employees involved in the project to shorten their holiday.

Do you believe this slightly questionable report that the iPad 3 will be released on Job’s birthday?

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An iPad 7 inch? What it would look like http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-7-inch/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ipad-7-inch http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-7-inch/#comments Sun, 25 Dec 2011 05:42:43 +0000 Joon http://johnsiphone.com/?p=6402

The last couple of months, there has been a lot of chatter about what a smaller 7.85 inch iPad could look like. In addition, this iPad is rumored to be released sometime in 2012.

With the large amount of smaller form factor tablets being released, some people think it would be logical for Apple to compete better with the new 7″ Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon. Amazon’s new tablet line seems to be a pretty early success with 3 million sold in the first three weeks. Amazon has called the Fire as its most successful product launch ever.

The supply chain has been very specific regarding the actual screen size of the iPad “mini”. According to many Chinese manufacturers, Apple has been buying many 7.85″ screens for the mini iPad. The people over at CiccareseDesign put together these mockups of what the iPad would look like in comparison to the existing 9.7″ iPad.

Download Printable PDFHome Screen (6MB)Keyboard (18MB)
View on an iPadActual Size

From Mac Rumors:

Simply print the PDF at 100% size on your printer, and you too can see what a 7.85″ iPad feels like in hand. If you don’t have a printer handy, you can view it in actual size in an iPad web browser. If you save it as a web icon on your home screen, it will then launch without a menu bar so you can fully appreciate the size.

The 7.85″ iPad actually feels a lot smaller than the existing iPad. The user interface elements, however, don’t feel that far out of place. Icons are smaller than the 9.7″ iPad, of course, but still bigger than the icons found on the iPhone. The on screen keyboard also seems quite usable at this size. Other elements, such as Safari’s location bar, do scale down but, again, are no smaller than what we’ve seen on the iPhone.

We should point out that Steve Jobs had been adamant that a 10-inch screen is the minimum necessary for a tablet, and in a conference call said that he didn’t believe a 7-inch tablet was a good user experience:

We’re not not making a 7-inch tablet because we don’t want to hit a lower price point. We just believe it’s too small to hit the user experience people want. When we make decisions, it’s not about cost, it’s about value when you factor in the software. We’re all about the best products at aggressive prices.

So, based on that stance, it might seem unlikely that Apple would produce such a device, but they’ve been known to change their mind before.

So what do you think abou the 7″ iPad?

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iPad 3 Parts Leaking http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-3-parts-leaking/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ipad-3-parts-leaking http://johnsiphone.com/ipad-3-parts-leaking/#comments Mon, 19 Dec 2011 17:01:57 +0000 Joon http://johnsiphone.com/?p=6378

The rumored 2012 iPad 3′s release is coming closer and closer. Cydia Blog has discovered a part for the iPad 3 on TVC Mall’s website. The part above is apparently a microphone replacement on the ipad 3 and shows some major changes compared to the iPad 2 microphone, most notable the shape.

The new part, when compared with iPad 2, shows a different arrangement in internal circuitry, hinting a major re-design. The tail end of the part makes a “U-turn”, whereas the iPad 2′s Microphone Mic Flex Cable makes almost 90-degree turn both ways. Except for few details, the leaked part so far doesn’t offer a tantalizing tease.

The iPad 3 is rumored to launch in early 2012, around February, with a rumored high resolution retina display and a thicker form factor. It is also expected that it will have a dual wireless chip for both GSM and CDMA and will have Apple’s A6 processor and more RAM. Citi analyst Richard Gardner says he’s heard a February launch is likely for the next-gen iPad. The mic’s form factor change could mean that there will major internal changes. It should be noted that replacement parts aren’t always final parts.

Will you pick up an iPad 2 this holiday season for wait till the iPad 3 is release?

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