ClamCase Keyboard for your iPad

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Tired of having to type on your iPad’s screen keyboard and wish it was more like a computers? Well, try this on for size.

There a keyboard/stand that your iPad can just ‘pop’ into, that runs on Bluetooth! Sure the keys themselves are a bit small, but I’d definitely say that its easier to work with than the built in keyboard.

With the ClamCase you can even adjust the brightness and volume, go back to the Home page and put it on sleep mode! Cut, Copy or Paste, it can all be done with this single keyboard, sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Not to mention the fact that you can bring up pictures or adjust your music with the keypress! This keyboard also doubles as a regular stand, just flip it over with the keys facing down and you’re good to go!

The ClamCase is currently being sold for $119, a reduced price, as it’s normally $149!  If you plan on ordering this, let us know in your comments, I’d like to see how many people think that this would be a great product to own!

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