Clooney vs. Wyle: Who will play Steve?

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It has been confirmed that there will be a Steve Jobs movie based on the autobiography by Walter Isaacson. However one of the major questions has been, “who will play Steve?”

The obvious candidate here is Noah Wyle. The former ER star played Jobs in the made for TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. He performed very well in the movie and is favored by many people to play Jobs in the upcoming biopic. Wyle not only resembles Jobs, but did an incredible Job recreating him in Pirates. If it was announced today that Wyle would play Jobs, many people would be happy.

His competition for the role? His former colleague George Clooney. The response from fanboys to Clooney potentially playing Job in the movie has received negative outcry from many people.

There have been reports that Clooney and Wyle are the two finalists to play Jobs in the upcoming movie on the deceased Apple boss.

To many, Wyle would be preferred choice, but there are others who want a dark horse to come out of the competition to play Jobs in the upcoming movie. It is said in Hollywood that it is easier to make someone look older than look younger.

Who would you prefer to play Jobs in his biopic? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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