Update! Confirmed: Untethered Jailbreak to be Released by Christmas

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Update! @comex tweeted today that he may be missing the deadline for Christmas. A few weeks ago iPhone hacker Comex said on his Twitter account that an untethered jailbreak should be available before Christmas. Now with Christmas exactly a week away, MuscleNerd has confirmed the news that Comex released earlier this month that an untethered jailbreak will in fact be available within the week.

In a reply to @scotty6kids78 MuscleNerd said, “ it’ll [the jailbreak] be here by Xmas (not that we’re sitting waiting for Xmas, but because it’s achievable deadline)”

Merely minutes after Tweeting this, MuscleNerd deleted the post, there is much speculation as to why he chose to do so, but my money rides on that he answered the question, gave the person reading the answer time to read it, and deleted it before a barrage of questions could ensue.

Whatever the reason may be, it is good news for jailbreakers who are patiently waiting for an untethered option. There are a few devices that have had the ability to jailbreak untethered, but for most of us it has been tethered or nothing. I myself  have been tethered since the release, but its gets annoying sometimes. I have heard that most people have waited to update to iOS 4.2, all together (which is a good thing ultimately because it gives time for Apple to iron out bugs that those users didnt have to deal with )until an untethered option is released. I couldn’t wait, and Im happy I didn’t. Yes having to reconnect my iPad to my Mac and booting tethered every time I reboot  is annoying, but it doesn’t happen very often, and my MBP is always  nearby.

So what about you? Have you been waiting for the untethered jailbreak just to update, or did you impatiently jailbreak tethered like me? Maybe you dont plan to jailbreak at all, whatever the case, let us know! We love feedback.

Update: 12/21/10 More information about this jailbreak was just released.

IDB said that in a tweet MuscleNerd stated that users that download the untethered jailbreak should not have to restore they’re devices to utilize the new jailbreak. Which is good news for jailbreakers, as a restore is often a time consuming, and painful process, especially to those of us that have a lot of jailbroken applications. I myself have had ongoing issues with activator crashing every time I accidentally shake my device, hopefully re-jailbreaking will solve this issue, but I doubt it. Also, despite MuscleNerd stating the jailbreak should be available before Christmas, be prepared for a delay, not that there are any indications of one, but hackers celebrate the holidays too.

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  1. TheWiseOne says:

    i have been waiting for the jailbreak to update to 4.2.
    Also what is untethered option? (lol might sound dumb to ask)

    • Greg says:

      the differences between tethered and untethered are as follows:

      Tethered: every time your devices dies or you have to turn it off for any reason, incluing to restart it, you must plug it back into your computer and boot into a jailbroken state, otherwise, until you do your device is an expensive paperweight. This is not a huge issue with the iPad (wifi model) or iPod touch, but it could cause trouble with an iPhone as you cannot make phone calls while it is off.

      Unthered: jailbreak one time and go along your marry way. YOu can power your device down, restart, or if it runs out of battery you dont have to worry about re-jailbreaking.

      Currently there is only a tethered jailbreak available for iOS 4.2, but that should change any day.

      I have heard talk that there are semi-tethered jailbreaks out there, I have not been able to confirm this, but basically a semi tethered jailbreak is one that, in the event that you turn off, restart, or battery goes dead, it will still start back up as normal except that it will not be jailbroken, allowing you to make calls and use your device, without access to cydia, winterboard or other jailbreak-only features.

      I hope this answers your question, and gives you some interesting information to share with others!

  2. TheWiseOne says:

    alright thanks. i understand it now.
    (best website)

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