White iPhone 4 Conversion Kit Review

Posted In Apple news - By Joon On Saturday, July 16th, 2011 With 0 Comments

A couple months back, I reviewed of the Zeetron White iPhone 4 conversion kit on my YouTube channel. This was when there was no white iPhone 4 and no white OEM parts on the market. Now that the white iPhone 4 parts have been released on the market, there are now OEM white iPhone 4 conversion kits on the market. supplies OEM white iPhone 4 parts and the kits are quite superb. It’s run by @Alex_673 on Twitter and he runs an excellent business.

The kits run for 110 dollars for the AT&T iPhone and 120 dollars for the Verizon iPhone. The kits arrive within three days and the parts come in great condition. If you mention junoyeopTV, my YouTube channel, you will save an extra 10 dollars.

The parts are completely OEM and the parts are among the best I have seen online and anywhere else. The digitizer and LCD are perfectly lined up unlike many conversion kits. The backplate and front plate’s color match up quite well and feel like an iPhone right out of the box.

The only gripe about this case that I have is that there is small notch at the bottom on the home button that might be a small nuisance to some people.

Overall if you guys are willing to do the repair yourself, you need to check this kit out. Here is my video review that goes more in-depth.

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