My Dilemma

Posted In For Fun - By Sean On Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 With 0 Comments

Recently I realized that I did not use my Macbook Pro as much as I should. I have a gaming PC at home, and my iPad for when I am out and about. So when I sat at my desk, I really ended up using my very powerful home built computer rather than pulling out my laptop. This of course led to me having Apple withdrawal. My iPad was awesome, but I just didn’t use OSX enough for me to get my fill. I missed how nice the operating system was and all the little things. However, that was not enough motivation to make me use my laptop when I get home from everyday, it was just that much more hassle. After a long day, I preferred to just slouch in my desk chair and not think about what I was doing for a while.

This being said, I realized I had a problem. I love Apple products, I love using them, I love supporting them, and I love writing about them. So I devised a plan that would make it easier for me to use an Apple when I got home. I went out to the store and purchased a Mac Mini. Hooked it up to my monitor at home, and put the keyboard on the desk and all was well again. Now when I get home, I sit down in my chair and I get to enjoy the loveliness that is OSX again. The way it should in my opinion. Yes I have uses for my Gaming PC, but they are specific and I don’t really want to use it for everything. Upgrading it is easier, and that makes it ideal for playing games and building a media center, but Windows just isn’t my favorite thing in the world. When it comes down to it, I would much rather be working on a Mac than a PC, so thats what I did to fix my Apple withdrawal.

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