Facebook releases Messenger App

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Facebook has released another iOS app. This isn’t the official release of the FaceBook app that should be coming within the next couple of weeks, but it is the release of FaceBook messenger. This app incorporates a full features FaceBook chat into an app. This isn’t coming out of nowhere, as they bought a company called Beluga which was a messaging start up firm.

From iDB:

t appears that Facebook is beginning to get serious about the messaging platform its CEO unveiled last Fall. Facebook Messenger will allow you to send and keep track of Facebook messages and group messages in real time…

I’m not a big fan of Facebook’s full app. It crashes constantly, consistently fails at posting comments, and its push notifications are rarely correct. It’s because of these problems that I rarely use Facebook’s messaging feature, but now I might.

The FaceBook messaging app works really well and is yet another SMS alternative for the iPhone. With iMessages coming in the next iteration, the need for an unlimited texting plan may be coming to an end considering there are so many options now for free texting.

The app is currently free in the App Store and is already gaining much better reviews than its brother, the official FaceBook app.


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