Flash Finally Coming to iOS…sort of.

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One of the biggest gripes with the iPhone has been its inability to play Flash content. Some view this as a good thing since Flash is somewhat antiquated, a battery hog and somewhat buggy performance on a mobile platform. Others view this as merely a pissing match between Apple’s HTLM5 argument or Adobe’s legacy Flash content. Depending on your browsing habits, this may or may not inconvenience you but, regardless of what side you’re on, the feud here should be ending shortly.

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas this past week, Adobe unveiled a new version of Flash that incorporates HTTP live video streaming. What this means for all iPhone/iPad users is that, very soon…hopefully, you’ll be able to view Flash content on your iDevice without getting the prompt for you to install the latest version of Flash or any other additional software on your device. Adobe’s intent with this new version of Flash is to make the transition to the video content as smooth as possible for the user. Whenever you go to view Flash content on your iPhone/iPad, the server will send up a version of the content in a format that your device will be able to play.

For many people this is the news they’ve been waiting for. Personally, I haven’t had any issues being Flash-less on my iPhone but the simple fact that this boorish debate can finally end is cool with me. Now if this means I can start playing Flash games on my iPhone, now that would be some fantastic news. No time frame was given for this new version would be available however it looks promising. What about you? Miss Flash much?

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