Flash vs HTML: We have a Victor!

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Adobe earlier this week finally pulled their support for Flash to be used to develop mobile applications. The prevalence of HTML 5 was finally enough to overwhelm adobe and cause them to change their stripes on the matter. When the original iPad was released, it was an uphill battle to fight against the overwhelming amount of websites that used Flash. Finding your way around websites that were built on the Flash system was difficult at first, but it didn’t take long for many web companies to built replacement sites on HTML 5 that the iPad could access. It even became a marketing point for many websites.

With the release of the iPad 2, and the steadily growing popularity of the iPhone, the web dominance of Flash quickly lost it’s footing. If a website wanted more hits, they had to be accessible from the devices that were accessing it the most. From a web designer point of view, it was an easy choice. Especially with the fact that HTML 5 was a newer more powerful technology, and Flash was a battery hog on most devices anyways. Apple’s decision to not include Flash support was a brilliant one. It made the devices more powerful, while at the same time, started to force the internet to come out of the 90′s and use newer technology.

Apple made a big claim with the iPad, they told us it was the best way to browse the web. But they also wanted the device to have a decent battery and do a good job with the limited hardware that could fit int the tablet. Thus, they removed the greatest obstacle from the path. By not supporting Flash, Apple signed the death certificate on Adobe’s products head. While many stood strong, and even tried to use the opposite to their advantage, it didn’t hold. Apple had already made their sweeping claim, and when many websites chose to adhere to that change, Apple had already won.

So this week, we celebrate another calculated Apple victory over substandard technology. Android may have Flash support, but Flash doesn’t support them anymore. Yes, another feather to stick in Apple’s hat.

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