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Posted By John On Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 With 2 Comments

I am often asked, “how can you afford to give away free iPhones, iPads, iPods etc.?” Well, I get all of these products for free. You can too!

I use freebie sites to get my free electronics- I have received thousands of dollars worth of free merchandise.

How does it work?

-You must simply sign up for a freebie site like this one and complete an offer, then refer some friends to do the same thing.

How do these sites afford to send you free stuff?

-When you go to their site and complete an offer, they get paid by another company for the new sign up. For example: You click this link and are referred to a page where they offer you free stuff. When you sign up, they ask you to complete an “offer” there are various offers. Most of these offers are either free or paid trials for a service. You sign up for a trial with a company called “Intuit” (or any other) and Intuit pays the Freebie site for getting them someone to try their service. So, the freebie site makes about $40 from you completing the offer, and then you must refer X amount of people to do the same. If you refer 2 people to do the same, the freebie site makes $120 total off of you and can afford to send you a free gift.

Is it safe?

Yes. I have been doing them for years. I would never post something on that would put my readers at risk.

It may sound confusing but is actually very simple and will only take about 10 minutes to sign up.

These sites have been all over the news, check out the videos below.


1. Click here to sign up.

2. Put in your e-mail and any other info they ask for. Make sure you put in your correct address because, this is where they will ship your free gift.

3. Complete an offer (this step requires a credit card to confirm your identity. Don’t worry, it is safe) Good offers to complete are..







4. Refer the required amount of friends to do what you just did. When you sign up, you will get a custom referral link that will keep track of who you referred. it will look like this The link they give you will be the one you will have your friends sign up under.

5. Once you have referred your friends you can order you gift and it will be 100% free!

Want to see some proof?

Freebie sites on the news…

Me giving away some of my free stuff…

Any questions please feel free to email me at


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  1. Muskaan says:

    Where is the movie option.? I want to download movie… For my iPad….

  2. dwayne says:

    hey man if i send u some cash could u just send me a mac book or ipad cause im using a cyber cafe and the guy wont let me do the stuff on his commputer ?? iv been tryen for weeks i no this sounds so cheap

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