German Officials have the iPhone 5?

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iPhone 5 news just keeps rolling in. This one is out of Germany and the airport security there. According to various news outlets around the world, there was a knife found in the suitcase of one traveler. The knife wasn’t the only thing in his suitcase, there was an iPhone 5.

From iDB

9to5Mac passes on the report, which has been carried by several German publications. Thanks to Google translate and the help of a knowledgeable reader, they were able to make out most of the story.

Apparently, the two men were on their way back from Turkey. They were detained at the Munster-Osnabruck Airport after bag scans revealed a dangerous weapon. To their surprise, a thorough search of the luggage revealed a bounty of Apple smartphones.

Airport officials identified some of the devices as counterfiets, but there was one model in particular that stood out. It was described as an “unpublished instrument,” and believed to be Apple’s yet-to-be-released smartphone.

The security did not take a chance whether or not this was the real iPhone 5. They immediately took the man into custody and have accused the man of industry spying. In addition, they  have contacted Apple, noting that they have found an “iPhone 5.” Whether or not they have found the next iPhone has yet to be seen. They have not released the pictures they have may or may not have taken.

Do you think the iPhone they found is real? Leave your thoughts below.

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