Gizmodo’s Jason Chen Officially Off the Hook

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San Mateo County’s District Attorney made a statement today, declaring that Jason Chen, an editor from the popular gadget blog Gizmodo, would not be facing charges regarding the publishing of leaked photos and information of the iPhone 4 prototype back in Spring 2010. I’m sure many of you heard and read all the information about the iPhone 4 last year. Gizmodo was skyrocketed into notoriety, being featured on national television news stations, print media, and much more.

Instead of Chen taking the blame, two individuals will face misdemeanor charges for misappropriation of stolen property. The statement from the DA reads:

The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office has filed misdemeanor chargesagainst two individuals for the misappropriation of an iPhone 4 prototype that was lost byan Apple employee and subsequently recovered in a Redwood City establishment by thedefendants on March 25, 2010. Brian Hogan, 22, of Redwood City was charged withone count of misappropriation of lost property, and Sage Wallower, 28, of Emeryville, wascharged with misappropriation of lost property, and possession of stolen property. Their arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 9:00 in Redwood City. After a consideration of all of the evidence, it was determined that no charges would be filedagainst employees of Gizmodo.

[San Mateo County District Attorney]

Gawker Media, Gizmodo’s parent company, had this to say in response to today’s statement:

We are pleased that the District Attorney of San Mateo County, Steven Wagstaffe, has decided, upon review of all of the evidence, that no crime was committed by the Gizmodo team in relation to its reporting on the iPhone 4 prototype last year. While we have always believed that we were acting fully within the law, it has inevitably been stressful for the editor concerned, Jason Chen, and we are glad that we can finally put this matter behind us.


What do you guys think of this outcome? It’s been well over a year. Do you think Gizmodo was right in purchasing and publishing information on the prototype iPhone 4?

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