Handstand: An iPad Case

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Do you have an iPad, and you’re constantly worried about losing it or dropping it, and you wish there was something to attach it to your hand? Well, take a look at this! The Handstand is a $60 case that attaches your iPad to your hand, and also protects said iPad.

Apparently, some users say that having this case stuck to your hand isn’t a fun way to live, but this Patent-Pending piece of equipment does offer a more ergonomic method to hold you iPad. Evidently, the Handstand helps with better posture, tapping, and Rolfing positions.

It seems that the only person who could get some serious use out of this would be a doctor or something of the like, when they needed to make rounds. Otherwise, it’s more of a hindrance, considering the Handstand will be strapped down pretty tight on your hand. It’s not uncomfortable, but it is pretty hard to get off quickly.

If you use your iPad for uncommon amounts of time, it’s definitely worth a check-out, but otherwise I don’t recommend it for household use. It is after all, pretty expensive, for something you don’t plan to use all that often.

If you still plan to or have already gotten the Handstand, tell us what you think of it in your comments!

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