iPhone Notifications Vibrate While in a Call. Why??

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Have you ever experienced an awful vibration in your ear while you were in a call on your iPhone, when a push notification, SMS, or email came in?  There is a setting on your iPhone to enable or disable vibrate for silent mode, or in general.  This means that you can set up you iPhone to ring, ring and vibrate, or just vibrate, however there does not appear to be a way to turn off vibrate for when you’re already on a call.

Not everyone has been complaining about this and some only seem to become aware of this problem after a firmware update.  Forum member iErick @tipb.com says this:

“[Ever] since updating to iOS 4.2.1, when I am on a call and have the phone held up to my ear…the phone vibrates for SMS notifications and such.

This occurs if the phone is on the silent setting and when the phone is set to ring and vibrate”

I, too, have noticed since updating my iPhone to iOS 4.2 that whenever I’m on a call, and an email comes through it still plays the tone and vibrates, even with vibrate set to off.  It is extremely bothersome.

So have you noticed this problem, and if so, did it start with the new update?  Let us know in your comments!

Thanks to tipb.com for all the great information!

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  1. Sk says:

    I am also experiencing that same problem.
    Its pretty irritating when your phone vibrates for a push notification when you are on call. I get a minor headache after that.

  2. TranceR says:

    I have the same problem on my 3GS,wich i just restored.The problem is that i`m on 4.1 not on 4.2.I never was on 4.2,but this bug still is present on this OS version.
    I`ve tryed it all,at the beggining i`ve thought it`s from some app i`ve installed,and i tryed to unninstall the latest apps installed,but same thing.
    Another bug i`ve noticed on my 3GS is that Notifications might have something with this,becouse even when i`m logged off on my facebook account i recieve push notifications from another account of facebook,but(odd) when i click the notifications that pops up,it takes me to a blank facebook page.Any ideeas?
    Did this happened to anyone else too?
    Please, i don`t know what to do,so if any of you guys finds a way to get rid of the stupid vibration in ur ear when u are in a call, or the other thing please post here the solution,i will be gratefull.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Greg says:

      actually yes I get a similar problem with my iPad since the iOS 4.2 update, I realize that you are on 4.1, but multitasking and backgrounding did not come to iPad until 4.2, IM+Pro does this to me. The problem that It sounds like you are having is that the app continues to run even after you sign out and kill the app. the first thing I would do is (from home screen) double click the home button to bring up the multitask dock and then hold down on the facebook app until it enters “jiggly” mode and hit the red – icon on the top right corner. if you are jailbroken, make sure to kill the app in SBsettings as well. If this problem still persists after that, try doing a hard restart, which is holding the home button and sleep button at the same time until the device goes off then let go of both and hold the sleep button to turn it back. If the stubborn issue still persists, you may have to delete the app and re-download it. beyond that, I have no other clues as to how to eliminate the problem. I hope that this helps.

      • Greg says:

        as to the vibration in your ear, I am afraid it is a built in feature that was an oversight on Apple’s part. There maybe a jailbreak tweak that fixes it but I am un-certain. I will get back to you about that.

  3. Pedro says:

    I’ve had this since I bought my 3G in 2008. I dont think it is a bug, but a feature to notify you in an obvious way, though it would be Bice to be able to turn this off.

  4. TranceR says:

    Well,it still there the problem.The notification thing is gone,i don’t get fake/ notifications from random fb accounts,but the vibration thing when u recieve text or a push notification whlist in call is still there and it’s pretty annoing.Before i was on 4.0 firmware with my 3gs and i don’t remember having this issue.There must be a way to edit a plist or turn it off,so who has the solution please post it,we will be gratefull forever! :)

  5. ModyR says:

    I got the 4s with iOS 5. It still does the same! it vibrates while on call.
    it defies being a phone. It is supposed to just beep and not ring out loud or vibrate to make me jump!
    Aplle seriously needs to fix this soon.

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