iFixit’s New Screw Set for the iPhone

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Have you ever wanted to open up an iPhone 4, see whats inside and maybe mess around with the hardware a bit but you couldn’t because of the tiny five point ‘Pentalobular’ screws?

It seems that Apple has only recently started using these screws on the iPhone 4, so if you’ve had your iPhone 4 then chances are you’ll have the regular Phillips screws, but if you’ve just bought yours, then you’ve got the pesky new screw set.

But not to worry!  iFixit has come up with a solution called the ‘iPhone 4 Liberation Kit’, and it only costs $9.95 on their website!

This ‘Liberation Kit’ includes a driver that can handle the Pentalobular screw set, as well as two new Phillips screw and a Phillips head screw driver!

Another rumor thats been flying around is that if you take your iPhone into the Apple store to fix a problem, then the workers have been told to replace the Phillips screw in your iPhone for the new ones.  I can’t say if this rumor is true, since I haven’t taken my iPhone their, but if this is true I’m not sure if I really want to.

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