iMessage coming to the Mac

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Despite the idea of iMessage on the Mac seeming like a no brainer type idea, there is yet to be no function for this in OSX. Chatting back and forth with the different iOS devices is incredibly easy now. With the Messages app running on all the devices, sending messages back and forth using your email address or Apple ID, is as simple as sending a text message. Earlier this summer I know we discussed why iMessage was such a big deal, especially to the carriers that were kind of strong armed into supporting the utility. And yet here we are, nearly the end of the year, with no support for it in OSX. It seems like it would be a simple fix to add the Instant Message type system to the Mac, and useful to boot, but still there is no update for iChat or any other utility for the Mac that might support it.

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For myself, I use iMessage all the time. Friends and family that have iOS devices shoot off messages faster that one would normally text. Especially from iPad to iPad. My family and I use it so much it might as well be an instant message program. So again I say, why not?

Thankfully, there does appear to be some rumors on the subject floating around the internet. Lots of people want this feature, and I too do want to utilize it. The question really does remain, are the rumors based in anything real? Are we going to see a new iChat-esq client coming to the Mac soon?

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