Introducing Sphero: The iPhone controlled ball!

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Now, unfortunately the Sphero hasn’t been release yet, but this amazing smartphone controlled ball is bound to be the next big thing. It’s controlled by Bluetooth with inductive charging, and apparently a few other awesome features that haven’t been talked about by Orbotix as of yet, but I can safely say that I’m really excited to find out what they are!

Orbotix plans to ‘roll’ out the welcome mat at CES 2011, so if you plan to go to CES then make sure you check it out!

At the moment, Orbotix is hoping that a few developers will want to make some apps for Sphero, but as of now the games are limited to homemade mazes and sumo matches, at least that’s what Orbotix recommends. It’s also possible, if you live pretty close to your friend, say just a couple of apartment rooms away, that you can even control their Sphero!

Even though this little gadget doesn’t seem like it’ll be worth it, I’m thinking that most of us will be shocked at exactly how awesome it will be!

So if you plan on picking up this little device and turning your iPhone or other smartphone into a robot controller, make sure to let us know in your comments, I look forward to seeing how many people share my enthusiasm! I’ll be sure to keep you informed about when it plans to be actually released to the public as well!

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  1. Race says:

    Yes I think I would pick one up when available just for the fun factor thank you for the heads up

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