iOS 4.3 Possible Features

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Just a couple days ago, Apple released its beta 4.3 iOS software to developers. Apple has a implemented a couple of very interesting features including:

Wifi Hotspot Capabilities

This makes the Verizon iPhone and AT&T iPhone identical other than the network and antennas. Long a jailbreak feature, Apple will now allow you to use your iPhone as a hotspot for up to 5 people. Hopefully, for free.

Multitouch Commands

This new feature in the iOS software for the iPad sparked rumors that Apple could be getting rid of the homebuttons on their next generation iOS devices. This new feature allows users to return to the homescreen by pinching the apps with 5 fingers, switching apps in the multitasking bar with four fingers and opening up the multitasking bar with a wipe up with 4 fingers. Although this works flawlessly for the iPad, I don’t think it would quite work as well with an iPhone.


Some new random features include new fonts for the notes app, a new screenshot sound and the ability for your phone to notify you up to ten times when you don’t check a text.

What features are you looking for in iOS and what do you guys like?

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