iOS 4.3.4 Jailbreak “Not Coming Soon”

Posted In Jailbreak News - By Joon On Sunday, July 17th, 2011 With 0 Comments

Apple released iOS 4.3.4 yesterday to patch up the PDF exploit used in Comex’s JailbreakMe site to jailbreak all iOS devices on firmware 4.3.3. While the Dev Team released a new version of RedSn0w that would allow you to have a tethered jailbreak on your iPhone, the question immediately became whether or not an untethered jailbreak would be coming to the iPhone or iPad on ios 4.3.4 anytime soon.

If you accidentally upgraded and forgot to save your SHSH blobs, you are out of luck as I0N1C posted on his Twitter that an untethered jailbreak was not coming anytime soon.

In a way, it is nice to see Apple instead of merely fixing vulns and adding more mitigation checks. But for jailbreakers, this suxx. Don’t expect an iOS 4.3.4 untether anytime soon.

It appears that Apple has apparently stepped up their game in an effort to reduce the chances of a jailbreak coming out on the latest version of their firmware. Apple has always tried to prevent jailbreaking from happening, but appears this time it may be useless to attempt an untether as iOS 5′s release is so close to happening and jailbreakers must begin working on iOS 5 as soon as it comes out.

Are you disappointed? Did you accidentally upgrade? Leave your thoughts below.

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