iOS 5 already dropped for the iPhone 3GS?

Posted In iPhone - By Ben On Thursday, May 26th, 2011 With 1 Comment

Remember how upset us iPhone 3G owners were when we found out that the iPhone 3G would be getting iOS 4, but minus all the cool features? That’s nothing compared to how the poor souls using the iPhone 3GS are going to feel if they don’t get the much anticipated iOS 5 at all.

iOS 5 is said to bring to the iOS platform some major new features. For example, a revamped notification system and likely UI upgrades. A new maps app, and refined voice control from Nuance, and of course the most talked about – a cloud music locker. These are all updates that are considered likely, with what’s sure to be plenty more that Apple is keeping hidden in the background. The 3GS is still considered a fairly high end phone, and Apple is still selling plenty of them to this day – in fact, the 3GS is outselling many brand new high-end Android phones, even though it is almost two years old now.

With that many users still buying brand new iPhone 3GS’s finding out it won’t be receiving this cool new update, I imagine there is going to be considerable backlash. Not to mention many upset 3GS users, including myself. We’ll simply have to hope the sources are all wrong! Do you guys think it’s outrageous that Apple isn’t bringing iPhone 5 to the 3GS? Or was that expected? Replies in the comments!

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  1. iOSanity (Nic) says:

    I actually expected Apple to do this, since they killed the iPhone 2G @ 3.1.2, I mean had they at least ended @ 4.0, many people wouldnt’ve ported to the iPhone 4. And talking about the 3GS yes they shudve included it on the iOS 5 list as the 3GS is one of Apple’s most purchased items

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