iOS 5 to be released in November?

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Apple has held a three-year tradition of refreshing iOS every April, usually drastically refreshing the OS on the iPhone. Some of these changes have included multitasking and the introduction of the app store in iOS 2. According to TechCrunch, Apple is planning to run off course and introduce iOS 5 with drastic changes after the release of the next-gen iPhone.

iOS 5 will launch in the fall and will be a major revamp of the OS.

·  It could well be previewed at WWDC, it just won’t be released then.

·  The iOS 5 launch is also likely to coincide with the release of a new type of iPad, which we previously reported on.

·  The new iOS will be heavily built around the cloud, and we could see several new services launch from Apple that take advantage of this.

·  Yes, one of those is very likely a “music locker” service. There is also a fall launch aim for this, during Apple’s annual music-themed event.

·  But much of the cloud stuff will first be talked about at WWDC, Apple’s developer event which will take place in June.

·  One of the new cloud service elements is likely a location service that focuses on finding friends and family members.

·  As we said yesterday, OS X Lion is still on pace for a summer release — some of the new cloud components are likely to be baked into it as well.


This however is usually not what Apple does and I personally do feel that Apple’s iOS 5 event will be held within the next couple weeks in April. Competition is heating up with the Android becoming a very large platform for many phones. What do you expect to see with the next iOS software?



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  1. MJ says:

    It doesn’t really matter if the new iOS is shitty. Ppl will still buy their new phone.

    Apple always gives us shitty products. But they’re soooooo cool.

  2. Ben says:

    Apple products are amazing. You’re just jealous. =p

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