What I Want in iOS 5

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iOS 5 will undoubtedly be announced at WWDC 2011 all by itself. Unlike past events, an iPhone will probably not overshadow the announcement of iOS 5 and rumors of the next iOS software is starting to rumble. Here are just a couple of things that I would love to see in iOS 5.

New Push Notifications

The current system of push notifications is very intrusive and annoying to clear. People have been calling for a new system of notifications since the release of iOS 2. There are many different concepts for this and you could probably find a couple of good ones online.

Better Voice Command

Throughout various reports, Apple is reportedly buying Nuance communications which is the maker of the popular Dragon Naturally Speaking. This would probably allow for better and more functional use of the voice command. I never use voice command so maybe this new purchase could help.


This is a long shot. And I mean LONG. Apple usually likes keeping a uniform thing for everything so theming would allow for customization that is usually unavailable for most users. However a theme store from Apple would be pretty cool.

Exposé Multitasking

A couple of weeks ago we saw the leak of an unknown version of iOS with a new form of multitasking that is more like exposé and seemed to be more functional. In addition there was spotlight search on top of the multitasking screen. This would be very Apple-esque and would look awesome.

Apple is probably also going to add stuff that is completely unpredictable such as GameCenter with iOS 4. What do you want to see on iOS 5?

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