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Jailbreak iOS 5Today pod2g released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.01. This is great news for all the people out there running devices that are still on iOS 4. However, the sad news is, that the jailbreak is only offered for non A5 owners. So anyone out there with an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2 are still out of luck for a little while longer.

As an owner of the iPad 2, and an iPhone 4S, I feel a little left out. When I first read some tweets from friends about jailbreaking their phones and unlocking some of the more powerful apps that are available for jailbreakers, I was jealous. There are a few things I want to play with on my iPhone. One of the things I am looking forward to adding is some themes. I have always been a fan of the Glass Orb look on the iPhone 4 (the retina display makes it oh so pretty). So there are things out there that draw me to jailbreaking my devices. So for a part of the day, I sulked, thinking that maybe I should not have upgraded my phone so early and things like that. After a few hours though, I thought about it rationally and realized there wasn’t all that much out there. While yes, the themes would have been nice, that would have been the only real benefit that I would have gained from cracking open my iPhone. I like to jailbreak because it makes me feel cool and smart. There is a sense of ownership that you gain when you jailbreak your phone, but on the other hand, why do it?

With the release of iOS 5, 99.99% of my desires were satisfied as far as the software is concerned. Notifications are brilliant, just the way I could have ever wanted them, customizable sounds for my texts, and wireless syncing to my computer. I was pleased as could be when iOS 5 was released, and with the speed of the A5 chip behind it, the phone is a powerhouse in my pocket. There is not really anything left that I would jailbreak for. Yes, I would love to add a bit of flair to my phone, and the way it behaves, but other than that, I’m pleased as punch with the device itself. Once upon a time, I would have jailbroken so I could add features I felt I was missing, but those days are really gone. I have a device I am perfectly happy with. So why jailbreak? All in all, I can be patient and wait for a jailbreak for my devices. I know it will come eventually, and I know that I will almost certainly test it out, but I can wait like a good boy until that happens.

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  1. Chas says:

    I can get the web page too come up when I put it in on my iPhone 4 it dont show the right thing what do I need to do because I put in and it want come up on my phone can you tell me what I’m doing wrong please

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