iPad 3: “Truly Amazing” Screen

Posted In iPhone - By Joon On Monday, February 13th, 2012 With 0 Comments

A new report from AllThingsD from earlier this week is claiming that Apple will introduce the next generation iPad, the iPad 3, in the first week of March. The New York Times is also weighing in with its own sources who claim that the next generation iPad will have a much faster processor and a “truly amazing” screen that will be in an aluminum casing that will be nearly identical to the appearance of the iPad 3.

An Apple employee said that the version of the new iPad that is being tested inside the company is “essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2,” with an improved and “truly amazing” screen. The tablet will include a faster processor, said the employee, who did not want to be identified because Apple is not fond of leaks.

The claims also line up with the large number or previous rumors about the ipad 3 improvements, with a high resolution display being one of the most highly anticipated upgrade for the next generation device. A couple of photos of a Sharp display that are supposedly for the iPad 3 have also surface, although the screen resolution for the screen cannot be verified from the photos.

I am personally extremely excite for this launch. What do you think?

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