iPad 3 Retina Display on the Way

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One of the bigger let downs of the iPad 3 announcement was the lack of a retina display on the new tablet. The retina display is widely regarded as the best mobile phone display, with a really high pixel density, allowing for crispness for everything you do on the phone. people have been clamoring for a retina display for their tablet and it appears they may be getting their wish sometime soon.

According to CNET, the iPad will be gaining a264 PPI display with a massive resolution of 2048×1536.

The closest that iPad display manufacturers like LG Display and Samsung can get is 2048×1536 resolution display, according to the source. That’s a PPI of 264, twice the 132 PPI on the iPad 2.

But whether manufacturers can make them in volumes that Apple demands is the question. “They have production plans for 2,048×1,536 displays. Starting in November. But those are only plans at this point,” said the source, referring to LG and Samsung.

“It’s not a question of making just one. That, of course, can be done. The challenge is making lots of them,” the source said. “This is a quantum leap in pixel density. This hasn’t been done before.”

If manufacturers are not able to hit the volumes necessary for the higher resolution, there is an interim option of 1,600×1,200, according to the source.

The display is also expected to have a brightness of 550 nits. That’s pretty bright, as the typical laptop display panel tops out at about 350 nits.

A couple issues come up with this. Developers will need to scale their apps to fit the new display to take advantage of the high resolution. In addition, these displays will be hard to manufacture to Apple’s standards as they are packing an extraordinary amount of pixels into a small display. In addition, the price of these displays will be quite expensive.

With there not being many more improvements possible for the next generation iPad, will you pick up the iPad 3 just for the Retina display?

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